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Seasons Greetings 2012 - LUSH 

And....... I'm back from yet another long hiatus! I have now taken the position of Visual Development Designer @ Lanard Toys from a stagnant and prolonged nightmare of my previous job. Am I happy, oh yes indeed. So I bring you a new peice for the end of 2012... LUSH. I hope all is well, as I am back up and running, creating more acrylics/wood mixed media paintings in the lab, so there will be more on the way!


New Series Piece in the Works - Mina 

Almost done. Just a few slight touches with the brush and sh'es ready for print. Will be available @ my Deviant Art Store. 24" x 12" Wide.


Saint Bri. New Digital Piece in the works

As I was rifling through some digital photography that my fiance's sister had taken on a photoshoot in San Francisco early last year, I had a few ideas pop in my head. Something between an almost-portrait/painting and actual photography, just to blur the lines enough. I was thinking of splicing together a few ideas of mine from those old Mexican Saint portraits I had always seen at folks houses or lining a heavily sprawled display wall at the local Swap Meet on Saturday's here in town. So far it's coming out quite nicely. More work to come...