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Seattle and Vancouver bound excitment

These few last weeks have been draining, but not entirely draining in a bad sense. With working late hours (which helps with the extra funds) to getting all of my ducks in order for The woman & I travelling up north.... come to think of it..the Great White North! Hoser.

Plane tickets, check. Vacation hours, check. What remains is rolling on down to the local post office to grab my Passport, then pick up my medical card from the $40,000 worth of Titanium in my leg to pass through airport security. With saying that.... I suddenly realize I really don't want to ever come in contact with any Large Hadron Collider rare earth magnets now do I? Is Titanium magnetic anyhow? Guess that's what Google should have been for before I thought twice.

Other than checking out the Metropolitan areas, Seattle Underground, Music Project, Jemi Hendrix & Capt. Phil's graves, and The Space Needle; doe's anyone have a few must-see spots that we could check out along the way?


PBR - Staple of frugal champions

You can't always put makeup on a pig for it to be spontaneously appealling; but when in doubt of being the next "thousandare", oppossed to the next big lottery winner, we come to find that cheap beer somehow seems glamourous, compared to the repulsive taste of Crystal. Which of course is not only expensive as he'll, but unavoidablly repulsive if your dumb enough to purchase such horsecrap.

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