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Ventura County Fair - Professional Arts Juried Show

Just got back from dropping of my submission to the Ventura County Fair's - Professional Arts Juried Show. Whew!

As I approached the last week deadline for artwork submissions, I was still in need of custom framing the final Lustre Print from the local print shop, so I started making a few phone calls around the area only to find that "Gallery" framing is way too expensive. In the relm of $260-300. Insane. After running around to a few places with time being the matter at hand (already paid my entry fees online) I had to get my entry framed for the physical delivery to the fair by today. Last week I dropped by a huge corporate outlet for crafts... heh.. won't mention any names for the time being other than the name Starts with a big "M", because of some 60% off custom framing. I though it would be a great idea to take them up on the offer, so I popped in just to find out that "Gallery Framing", once again, was way too overpriced. This must be some sort of monopoly or consripacy in the framing world because nobody in they're right mind would pay over $300 for framing a 18x24" print. Nobody. Luckily I found a VERY nice ready-made frame: deep red mahagony/glass/custom matted... yep all the good stuff I needed. I dropped of the piece and surprisingly recieved a call the next day that it was complete and ready to pick up! Now mind you I have 4-5 days until final submissions. This was cutting it short. Way too short I might add. To make a long story short, I picked up the framed piece just to find the matting was off-center as well as the mounted print! Good thing they ate the cost of re-framing it within 1 day of dropping of the final gallery hung piece.


Chicago Fringe Festival Design Contest 2011 - Runner Up!

Just received an email a few days ago congradulating my design submission as a runner up in the Chicago Fringe Festival Design Contest! 3 runners up will be posted on the festival's website for our excellent designs. Makes me smile. Email I received:

Dear Jonathan,
Your design has been selected as a runner-up in the Chicago Fringe Festival Design Contest 2011. 
We'd like to congratulate you and compliment you on your outstanding design. It was extremely difficult to choose a winner once we had narrowed the field to our finalists, and we are excited to share your design by posting it to our website.
Again, congratulations!
Tim Mullaney

Here's a little something about the festival design contest:

 50 shows booked. 1 design needed.

Chicago Fringe Festival is an artistic extravaganza featuring theatricalizers of every stripe, from actors to aerialists, performance artists to puppeteers! CFF is 50 shows, from the whimsical to the WTF, performed in Pilsen between September 1-11, 2011. Last year’s Festival drew an audience of over 2,000 people. This year’s Festival will be even bigger.

Chicago Fringe Festival needs a design that is so arresting, dynamic, searing, fanciful, mind-bending or otherwise amazing that it will radiate cartoon-like waves of energy. Some further crucial information to help you create the graphic gold we’re panning for:

  • The design should reflect, suggest, embody, convey or otherwise relate, directly or obliquely, to our Festival theme: On the Map, Under the Radar
  • The design should capture (or at least not contradict) some of the other key characteristics of Chicago Fringe theatre. We value diversity. We feature performers of all ages, ethnicities, nationalities and orientations in shows about everything from Irish dancing to Rambo. And we believe that audiences should reflect the diversity on stage: our tickets are affordable, allowing anyone with a few spare bucks to see theatre. We are homegrown. The Festival was founded by Chicagoans and is infused with Chicago’s spirit of grit and innovation. And the Festival is proudly located in Pilsen, a neighborhood whose vivid murals testify to Chicago’s rich history and tradition of public art. We are guided by the philosophy that small theatre can be great theatre. A show performed in an improvised storefront space can be just as gripping and revelatory as the most lavish production at the fanciest theatre. To learn more about what Chicago Fringe is, visit http://www.chicagofringe.org/.

The Chicago Fringe Festival (CFF) invites emerging and established performing artists from Chicago, the U.S. and beyond to showcase their work and add to the dialogue of theatrical art. The Festival also seeks to enhance the perception of Chicago as a major hub for theatre. CFF encourages performers to take bold risks by providing an avenue for affordable productions. It also seeks to bring in non-traditional theater-goers through a commitment to low ticket prices and outreach into communities not commonly represented. In this fashion, The Chicago Fringe Festival provides an avenue for diverse artists and audience members to connect in a singular and immediate way.


Audiophile Prints Now Available on Deviant Art

Frank's got a serious love for some Old School 70's grooves. Multiple Prints/Framing/Sizes available.

Audiophile prints now available through my Deviant Art page: Purchase Audiophile Prints


After one long year of work, Fashionista is finsihed. 80 hours & 78 seperate Layers of Photoshop Love.

After one long year of work, Fashionista is finsihed. Over 80 hours spent and 78 seperate layers and blending modes in Photoshop CS5, I have finally completed the piece. It's actually very rewarding as it came out just as brilliant and beautiful as I had invisioned it. Multiple, custom-made art brushes were created from actual water color and acrylic paint samples from my canvasas, including custom illustrator vector brushes I designed from scratch. Full 405 seperate custom swatch color samples were saved to a swatch library for future use in color sampling for other projects. Let me know what you think. It would be much appreciated!

This will be the piece I will be submitting this summer in the 2011 Ventura County Fairgrounds professional Arts Building. it will be printed and mounted on streched canvas for the house, and professionally matted and framed with signature for the Professional Arts Division submission.